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At Ahava Raba House – Learning to LiveAhava Raba is a unique holistic treatment method that relates to the whole person, without separating between the physical and the emotional aspects. This non-separation is based on the fundamental approach that the body and the soul are one, indivisible. Emotional problems will affect the health of the physical body, just as physical complaints will, of course, affect the person’s soul and emotional state.

 Thus, at Ahava Raba, we devote much thought to a person’s quality of life not only at a time of illness but also in their regular everyday routine: in their relationships at home and in society; in how much they are realizing their own potential; and in their level of coping with the trajectory of their lives.

The Ahava Raba Blessing
The name Ahava Raba was taken by the method’s developer, Sam Levi-Aur, from Jewish sources. “Ahava Raba” is the name of the second blessing that is recited before reading the Shema prayer during the morning prayer service.

How is it done?
Treatment by the Ahava Raba Method takes place by means of personal conversations relating to the person’s life from a variety of standpoints: his childhood and adolescence; the choices he has made; his early education; and the people who have influenced his life, as well as those who are influencing it today.

All of this together determines the person’s present patterns of behavior. By meticulously examining our past, we can distinguish how we go back and get caught in the same situations over and over again. The method’s aim is to detect and release these patterns of behavior, with the goal of enabling each person to achieve emotional well-being and get out of the cycle of suffering.

Unique tools
The Ahava Raba Method makes use of the unique tools and the Language of Ahava Raba that were created by Sam Levi-Aur, the method’s founder.

The tools and the language make it possible to directly approach the patient/client’s unconscious and to identify the hidden obstacles that underlie his or her behavior.

After locating the impeding factor, the path to release and recovery is shorter and easier.
The motto of the Ahava Raba Method is: A healthy soul is the essential basis for a healthy body.

Would you like to know more?
We’re always happy to be at your disposal – for a free counseling conversation.
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The Ahava Raba House Staff
The Ahava Raba Method is headed by Sam Levi-Aur, the method’ developer

Michal Levi-Aur, senior therapist

Ronit Sinai

Efrat Moshe

Rosita Glukman 

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