Personal Storie – 1

Letter from Dr. Yael Katz Levy

July 2003

To Whom It May Concern:
In April 2003, a massive inflammation developed in the tendon at the base of my right hand, leading to a ganglial cyst deep in the base of my hand. The hand was immobilized and simultaneously I started various physiotherapy treatments, treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and NSAID painkillers, as well as cortisone shots directly into the base of the hand.

Meanwhile, because of overuse of my left hand, a similar process of inflammation began.

Since months went by without seeing any improvement, I stopped my research in the United States, where I was doing post-doctoral studies in immunology, and came back to Israel for surgery.

After the operation and the removal of the cast, there was a nice improvement but the hand did not return to a fully healed condition. After several more months during which there was no further improvement, I started treatment by Mr. Sam Levy in Petah Tikva by the Ahava Raba Method.

I would like to point out that I fiercely opposed the treatment when it began, because as a scientist, it’s my natural inclination to reject any possibility of “energy” treatments.

But, even during the first treatment session, I felt powerful physical sensations in both hands (mostly feelings of currents and waves), and my curiosity led me to continue with several more treatments.

I’m ashamed to say that because I experienced clear physical sensations during the treatments, I concluded that some kind of charlatanism was going on. So I carried out a thorough search of the treatment room to find out where the apparatus or electrical connection was concealed.

The fact that I did not find anything like that embarrassed and even frightened me.

After a few months of treatment, the condition of both hands improved a great deal, and even returned to normal.

With best wishes,
Dr. Yael Katz Levy