Personal Storie – 2

Letter from Dr. Gil Segal

RE: Assessment of the effectiveness of Ahava Raba

In the following lines, I seek to transmit my impressions of the Ahava Raba Method, which has been shown to me by Mr. Sam Levy for the past three years.

My experience includes following up several patients who were treated by Sam and whose medical history over time showed improvements by all measures, both objective and subjective.

The patients I referred for treatment typically belonged to the diagnostic group in which a single causal factor cannot be accurately pinpointed. This includes patients with Meniere’s disease, tinnitus, chronic back pain or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

This method is ideal for treating the combination of an illness without a precise cause and the fact that medical literature places great weight on emotional factors related to its etiology and severity.

I am convinced that in patient groups with inflammatory, autoimmune and degenerative processes and their accompanying effects, this method has significant treatment potential. The method should be allowed to bring all of its benefits to suitable patients.

A comparative study, carried out according to the accepted rules of medical research, would allow the method to become part of the world of complementary medicine, and the sooner the better. But none of this should delay its immediate use for suitable patients.

I will be glad to answer any questions.

Faithfully yours,
Dr. Gil Segal
License No. 22830