Personal Storie – 3

Ahava Raba – Recommendation from Attorney Ofra Golan

I am familiar with the Ahava Raba Method as a patient, a student and a therapist, as well as from many reports from patients who were treated by it. In addition, I collected many statistics on the results of treatment by the Ahava Raba Method, both as part of a clinical trial at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, of which I was the initiator and coordinator, and as an effective means of proof in a High Court of Justice suit I submitted against the Defense Ministry’s Rehabilitation Division.

Ahava Raba’s treatment achievements are most impressive, from the standpoint of both the clinical effect and the general effect on the patient’s well-being. The rate of successes and their nature leave no room for doubt that the effect of treatment by this method is much more than a placebo effect (this was confirmed by Prof. Rafi Carasso in his summation of a study carried out at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel).

Studying Ahava Raba, and especially the self-awareness workshops I attended, opened my eyes to see and understand life and my behavior in a way that I never had until then. I felt that I had been exposed to a new dimension, wonderful and extraordinary, whose contribution to my life is invaluable. The workshops I took and the treatments I had enhanced the quality of my interactions with people and deepened my understanding of the human soul. The ability to treat others using Ahava Raba’s tools is one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever received.

As an ethicist, I see it as my duty and privilege to promote the use of Ahava Raba as a treatment method that can benefit many people who need it to relieve their suffering and/or improve their quality of life, and to prevent future sickness and suffering.

Ofra Golan