Thanks Letters

Impressions from the Elements and Tools Course

In the course, we learned about the energies of the 13 colors. In the first part of the class, we learned about the energetic essence of the color and what it means. In the second part, by looking within, each one of us uncovered his or her existing personal difficulty with the color under discussion. During observation, we were educated about the energy of colors, something that enabled us already from the first class to start practical work on ourselves and our families.

The toolbox we learned about in the Ahava Raba Method’s Elements and Tools C Course includes, in addition to the 13 colors, the 5 Elements: air, earth, water, wood and metal – each of which has a different energy frequency. We also studied the parts of the body, each of which tells us something about ourselves in its own unique way.

Until I encountered the Ahava Raba Method, colors served as a means of expressing sensations and feelings with the children in kindergarten, but suddenly a new language opened up before me. Through the orange frequency, I learned anew to identify my boundaries, when they are breached, and when I allow them to be breached and why.

Through the yellow frequency, I learned again to love all the aspects of my life. Through the red frequency, I learned when I have difficulty expressing my own truth and with the color brown, I stopped judging, especially myself and what I do.

With the help of black, I started to listen to my inner voice with true active listening, which led me to the color pink, where I multiplied the creative side within me, the same place that sparks the flame in my life. From here, the way to green is short. In green, I understood concepts like the soul’s desire and the personal desire. I started to redefine for myself my soul’s desire.

All of this and more led me to self-fulfillment, to the right place for me in this life.

With the help of the 5 Elements, we started to help ourselves in the most concrete way.
Here’s an example of what I did with the element of air: When I go up stairs, I suffer from shortness of breath. I want to note that I have suffered from small lung capacity since birth, so that during physical effort such as running or climbing, I always huff and puff loudly and my face gets as red as a tomato.

After I learned how to use the element of air, I was helped by it. When I felt that it was hard to breathe, I “opened” the air frequency, as we learned to do. I must say that I didn’t really believe it would help, because nothing had helped up until then. I tried it simply because I wanted to show myself that it wouldn’t work. Suddenly I felt as if a balloon was being inflated in my lungs and I became lighter (and I’m not light, by any means). I got to the top of the stairs without panting.

Family members who were with me and who were accustomed to my reddened face and to hearing me pant like a dog after a long run, asked me: “What happened to you? You’re so quiet, and not red. What did you take?” This led me to understand that the air frequency had helped me.

During that day and ever since, any time that I or my husband is hit by shortness of breath, we open the air frequency and without any problem, continue climbing the stairs.

For me, this is a significant improvement in my quality of life. Until now, I never liked to go hiking due to shame, because immediately my face would get red and I’d start to pant. Today I’m happy for every chance I get to get around by foot.

Student in the Elements and Tools Course that finished in December, 2009

To Michal, Sam and Everyone at Ahava Raba House!

Having finished the Elements and Tools Course, I can say that I had an amazing experience, an experience of a journey of self-discovery.

Not only did I get tools to understand myself better, but I also received tools to treat myself … and that’s just from the very first course … the methods works with astonishing accuracy!!!

Michal is an amazing woman! Smart, sensitive, sharp, funny, catches on in a second, gets straight to the point – she knows how to pass on even the messages that are hard to digest with the humor that is so much a part of her.

Many thanks to all of you, thanks to Sam for developing the method, thanks to Michal who taught the classes in the most experiential way possible and thanks to the great administrative staff, Galit and Eliane.

In short, no words can express it. Something in the method works and works beautifully!

With great love,