Treatment by Ahava Raba

Treatment by the Ahava Raba Method 

Basic principles
The Ahava Raba Method is based on two fundamental principles.

The first fundamental principle – There is total connection between body and soul
The body and the soul represent, in their energy levels, different expressions of the same essence. Thus, it follows that one will always express the other; emotional distress will find expression on the physical level, and vice versa.

This means that every illness is actually a physical symptom that arises in the wake of a psycho-emotional primary cause, which in turn, is liable to cause emotional distress that will trigger a physical symptom, recurring over and over again.

The second fundamental principle – There is a supra-conscious connection
All of us connect with each other at a supra-conscious level. At this level of communication, the openness and knowledge at our disposal is unlimited.

The assumption that relieves a therapist of any responsibility and determines that “treatment was unsuccessful because the patient was not ready for treatment and therefore did not cooperate” has no place in the Ahava Raba Method.

In the Ahava Raba Method, responsibility for treatment falls upon both the therapist and the patient.

The therapist will lead and guide the treatment, helping the patient get to a place where he can contemplate without fear the “monsters” that live within the soul and threaten him on the way to recovery.

The patient, on the other hand, must want to take responsibility for his life, and by extension, for his therapy. He must come and make a commitment to be “present” and active throughout the process, because it is a dynamic process. The patient is never powerless; rather, he or she plays a central role in everything that takes place.

What kind of problems and illnesses can be treated by the Ahava Raba Method? 

These are the (documented) illnesses that have been treated by the Ahava Raba Method. These cases have been treated all the way through to total recovery, or to significant relief of symptoms and halting the illness’ progression:

Crohn’s disease
Liver inflammations
Meniere’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Various types of pain
Neurological damage

• The Ahava Raba Method was approved by the Helsinki Committee for clinical trials at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel. A trial at the medical center conducted in cooperation with Prof. Raphael Carasso yielded a reduction in fibroid tumors (myomas), improved functioning in patients with Parkinson’s disease and significant improvement, even disappearance, of cataracts.

• The Ahava Raba Method was successfully used to treat anorexia at Abarbanel Mental Health Center in Bat Yam, Israel.

• The Ahava Raba Method led to an impressive level of success in treating infertility.

• The Ahava Raba Method contributes to reinforcing conventional medical treatment (in cancer and other diseases) by reducing the side effects accompanying the treatment.

• The Ahava Raba Method works by strengthening and improving the immune system, by rehabilitating and improving the functioning of the glands and lymphatic system, as well as improving the functioning of various organs throughout the body.

The treatment goals at Ahava Raba House