The treatment goals

The treatment goals at Ahava Raba House

• Diagnosis – locating the cause of the illness/difficulty and reducing its physical effects

• Awareness – interpreting and understanding messages from the unconscious and transforming them into self-awareness

• Quality of life – improving the patient’s mood and general feeling, thus bringing about an improvement in his quality of life

• Empowerment – encouraging and guiding the patient toward taking responsibility for his own recovery

• Strengthening – improving the body’s coping mechanisms against the illness or against the difficulty the patient is dealing with

• Relief – relieving the side effects resulting from the illness and its treatment by conventional medicine

• Rehabilitation – improving the body’s ability to rehabilitate itself after an illness

• Independence – teaching the patient ways to cope independently

• Peace of mind – teaching methods of self-relaxation

• Preventive medicine – both emotional and physical

Treatment with the Ahava Raba Method
Treatment with the Ahava Raba Method is verbal (talking) and energetical. It is non-invasive and does not involve physical manipulation of any sort. Infrequently, a light touch of the hand in certain places may be used. Each treatment has two components that are combined together – the awareness component and the energy component.

The Awareness Treatment
This takes place during conversation with the patient through the use of various awareness diagnostic tools available to the therapist. These tools decode the unconscious messages the patient brings to the therapist. The decoding is done using the Language of Ahava Raba – a unique treatment language that includes qualities such as colors, symbols, details of flora and fauna and more. (For more about learning the language as part of a structured course, click Studying the Ahava Raba Method)

And what is the great strength of the “language”? Since the patient is not familiar with the “language,” he does not block the information and transmits resistance-free messages to the therapist. This enables the therapist to lead the patient to understand his life circumstances and thus to resolve his emotional and physical difficulties and their surroundings.

By way of this process, the therapist leads the patient to a catharsis that will “release” (both symbolically and practically) from within him the factors that are causing the illness. This accelerates the recovery process, his powers of physical endurance and emotional strength.

The Energy Treatment
The Ahava Raba Method is built from a comprehensive energy system that includes a large number of energy frequencies.

Each energy frequency possesses its own abilities and qualities. Thus, the method provides a wide-ranging response to diverse types of problems and illnesses, on the physical, emotional and energetic levels.

The energy treatment acts to support the awareness treatment.

How does it work?
Most patients find it difficult to bring up emotionally traumatic experiences during therapy because they involve so much pain. These emotional experiences, or more correctly, these emotional memories are deeply repressed (that is, they do not emerge into the consciousness easily, or sometimes not at all). This repression occurs in order to defend ourselves and to avoid the terrible pain involved.

The therapist in the Ahava Raba Method, with its many tools (including the Language of Ahava Raba), has the ability to isolate the patient’s emotional energy from his mental energy. This allows the patient to remember the details of the trauma and to bring up mentally, neutralized of all painful feelings, the memories that were originally emotional and very painful.

And how do these memories emerge into the patient’s consciousness without the accompanying emotions? This happens because the patient does not know that he is telling the therapist something that is emotionally loaded. From the patient’s standpoint, he is only describing (with the therapist’s guidance and at his request) something “not connected with the incident” that arose and is floating in his consciousness at that moment.

Because the therapist is skilled in the “language,” he knows how to translate and decode very accurately these “innocent” things for the patient.

And that’s it. Once the memory emerges into the conscious in such a gentle and non-shocking way, the emotional energy can be added at a reduced level (similar to the homeopathic principle). Energy treatment also brings about physical processes.  

The treatment
Treatment with the Ahava Raba Method takes place in the treatment rooms at Ahava Raba House, as the patient sits or lies down with the therapist sitting in a chair across from him.

The treatment is non-invasive and does not involve physical manipulation of any type. Infrequently, a light touch is applied to various points on the patient’s body that represent centers or knots of energy.

Most of the treatment is performed as the therapist talks with the patient or asks him to describe certain imagery; this is not what the public is familiar with as “guided visualization.”

Both the conversations and the imagery are based on the unique characteristics of the Language of Ahava Raba, which is symbolic in nature and enables the therapist to enter gently and non-threateningly into the patient’s unconscious.

The therapist uses all the tools of Ahava Raba that are at his disposal in order to aid the diagnostic process and treat the problem. The energy treatment is directed at all parts of the patient’s being and existence, thus ensuring a complete and comprehensive cure.

The duration of the treatment session varies according to the treatment situation; the average length of a treatment ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

The number of treatments and the treatment process also vary, in accordance with the nature and severity of the problem.

Price of a single treatment
Treatment by Sam Levi-Aur            NIS 700
Treatment by Michal Levi-Aur        NIS 500
Treatment by Ronit Sinai                 NIS 400
Treatment by Efrat Moshe               NIS 250
Treatment by Rosita Glukman         NIS 250

Couples treatment by Sam Levi-Aur       NIS 1,000

The price of treatment by an intern is NIS 50 per meeting, upon purchase of a package of 10 treatments for NIS 500.