What is the Language of Ahava Raba

The diagnostic facet of Ahava Raba is the language – the Language of Ahava Raba.

The Language of Ahava Raba makes use of and translates all that is familiar and accessible in our lives: the parts of the body, colors, directions (east, west, north and south), animals, nature, textures, tastes, the silent and objective details that are taken from our everyday lives. All of these things form an integral part of this normative language that quickly and accurately diagnoses the hidden and buried secrets within the unconscious, which is the only way to bring these experiences up into the consciousness and talk about them.

It is a symbolic language that serves to conceptualize what the patient is bringing to his or her therapist.

It happens in the course of a sort of visualization, during which it is possible to “take off,” for example, on a short journey in nature to meet up with one or more animals, or a tree, a bush, almost anything – and to tell the therapist an imaginary story about it.

As therapists, we will know how to translate this story into content found in the patient’s or the student’s unconscious – and from there, the way to solving the problem will be much shorter. 

Each representation and familiar name from our lives takes on a symbolic meaning during the imagery and provides us with valuable information about the patient’s inner world. This information enables the therapist to arrive quickly, efficiently and precisely at the physical or emotional source of the problem, thus shortening the therapy process and nourishing it.

For example, anger is one of the factors – if not the primary factor – that is liable to destroy and embitter our lives. This is because we’re busy with our everyday routine and don’t always know why we’re angry and where the anger we repressed is concealed.

At Ahava Raba, as noted, there are ways to locate the anger without getting into deep and disturbing digging around.

By way of an animal, a color or a certain sensation in the body, for instance, we can tell you what causes the anger – which is sometimes hidden deep down in the basement, yet can tear us apart even from there.

Try it – for free
We are happy to offer you an opportunity to try out the experience of the Language of Ahava Raba. Because every color and animal has a meaning in the Language of Ahava Raba, all you have to do is close your eyes and spontaneously think of an animal and a color.

Then fill in the form that appears to the right of this article, noting the animal and the color that you saw when you first closed your eyes – and we’ll get back to you with a preliminary personal explanation, either by e-mail or on your mobile phone.