Studying the Ahava Raba Method

Courses in the Ahava Raba Method are divided into two tracks: the General Track and the Treatment Track.

About the General Track
In this track, students receive a “toolbox” with which everyone, child or adult, can diagnose difficulties and obstacles he has encountered, understand why they are there and overcome them – forever.

At each lesson in the course, students add another “compartment” to the “toolbox,” which they can apply and see immediate results in their relationships with themselves and those around them.

Part of Ahava Raba’s toolbox is “calibration” of energy frequencies and “aligning” them with the elements of the Language of Ahava Raba. It can be said, according to the Ahava Raba Method, that a sick body is one whose frequency is not calibrated. When we learn the Language of Ahava Raba, we can tune in to the correct frequency.

At Ahava Raba, we learn not to live in the past but rather, to live well despite the past. There is no digging around in “what was”; rather, there is strengthening of the present. The method’s purpose is to lead people to a state of health, wholeness and quality of life.

The General Track includes three courses:
Elements and Tools – learning the 13 colors and the 5 energy keys
The Wisdom of Genesis, 1 – studying the Map of the Lights of Genesis, which enables us to get to know our patterns of behavior
The Wisdom of Genesis, 2 – going deeper into the study of the Map of the Lights of Genesis in order to improve, and not just to know, our patterns of behavior

Each course consists of 15 class meetings.

The price of each course in the General Track for the 2010 academic year is NIS 2,900 before discount. Those registering for a full year’s study will receive a 20% discount, with the option of paying in 10 equal payments without interest or linkage. Alternatively, it is possible to register for each course separately.