Elements and Tools Course

The aim of this course is to study the experiential path to self-awareness.

This path is based on the energy systems of Ahava Raba and the Language of Ahava Raba, which together enable a direct approach to the parts concealed within us.

Acknowledging these parts deepens our familiarity with ourselves, raises them into our consciousness, thus reducing or even eliminating their hidden influence on our patterns of behavior. In other words, we will learn to diminish the childhood traumas and the emotional and behavioral response patterns that stem from these traumas.

The course connects the participants with the values of Ahava Raba – love, integrity, acceptance, respect and gratitude. It enables them to preserve their essence and stay close to it.

Because the course strengthens the participants’ understanding and coping abilities, one result is an effective, supportive and everyday tool for conducting our personal lives. During the course, the students will already begin to create a living environment that facilitates optimal growth for themselves and, in ever-spreading ripples, for their family members and their surroundings.

We learn an approach that integrates an ancient philosophy of life with energy and awareness processes, but in modern garb.

The course focuses on the following topics:
• Getting acquainted with and understanding the basic energy tools of Ahava Raba, and learning how to use them in our lives

• Internalizing the Language of Ahava Raba through practice, translating its symbolic elements and bringing them into our everyday life

• Basic self-awareness and a different self-observation of our lives. Understanding the emotional obstacles that drive us and the resulting modes of behavior

The Course Program
1. Training and apprenticeship in the qualities, the basic energy tools and Ahava Raba’s language of symbols

2. Developing the participants’ self-awareness

3. Studying, understanding and practicing Ahava Raba as a developmental awareness method with an emphasis on participants working with their children, spouses and close surroundings

4. Understanding the use of Ahava Raba as preventive medicine and for creating a pleasant space for growth

Course structure: 15 weekly meetings lasting 2 to 2.5 hours each

Lesson structure:
• Study and practice – acquiring the elements of the Language of Ahava Raba and its characteristics. Acquiring skill in the everyday use of these tools, with an emphasis on taking responsibility for and independence in the process

• Energy apprenticeship – connecting the participants with the primary energies of Ahava Raba and acquiring the ability to use them

• Self-awareness – individual and group processes that are meant to enable the participants to get to know themselves, their patterns of behavior, the factors that block them and more

The price of the course for the 2010 academic year is NIS 2,900 before discount. Those registering for a full year’s study will receive a 20% discount, with the option of paying in 10 equal payments without interest or linkage. Alternatively, it is possible to register for each course separately.