Courses in the Wisdom of Genesis

 Parts 1 and 2The courses Wisdom of Genesis, Parts 1 and 2, are in-depth courses that provide advanced tools for inner self-observation and coping with life.

 The continuation of the Elements and Tools Course, these courses widen the window onto our self-awareness and the world of energy that was opened during the basic course.

The courses are intended to deepen the participants’ awareness and to reinforce their energetic capabilities.

They are characterized by therapeutic awareness/energy processes that will pave the participants’ way into their souls, with supervised exposure of its deeper layers.

The courses provide a broad response to the fascinating key questions “Know who you are” and “Know where you come from,” and offer accurate tools for choosing the continuation of the path.

The Courses’ Program
1. Continuing the training and apprenticeship in the energy tools, the language of symbols and the qualities of Ahava Raba

2. Deepening the participants’ self-awareness

3. Studying, understanding and practicing Ahava Raba as a developmental and therapeutic awareness method

4. Building and becoming familiar with the Genesis Light Circle and beginning to work on personal awareness – with them and by means of them

5. Building and becoming familiar with the Circles – Rounding and Straightening; Animals of Genesis; Paths of Creation – and beginning to work on personal awareness, with them and by means of them

Course Structure
The two courses form one unit with a graduated rise in knowledge, both in their content and in their therapeutic awareness process.

The Wisdom of Genesis 1 and the Wisdom of Genesis 2:
Each course consists of 15 weekly meetings, lasting 2 to 2.5 hours each.

Lesson Structure
Each meeting is divided into three sections in accordance the aims of the course:
• Energy apprenticeship – connecting the participants with the basic energies of Ahava Raba and acquiring the skills to use them

• Self-awareness – individual and group processes that are meant to enable the participants to get to know themselves, their patterns of behavior, the factors that block them and more

• Practice – acquiring the various skills that arise from working in an energetic, therapeutic and awareness environment, placing additional emphasis on self-awareness

The price of each course for the 2010 academic year is NIS 2,900 before discount. Those registering for a full year’s study will receive a 20% discount, with the option of paying in 10 equal payments without interest or linkage. Alternatively, it is possible to register for each course separately. 

About the Treatment Track
This track is intended for graduates of the General Track whose skills and personality structure are suitable for giving treatment to others.

In this track, students continue the process of developing their self-awareness, get acquainted with additional tools of energy treatment and acquire tools for advanced diagnosis and treatment. The future therapists take part in an internship, during which they are exposed to patients’ difficulties, illnesses and crises, and deal with them, accompanied by a more senior practitioner of the method.

Concurrently with the course of study, the students themselves experience the process of individual treatment, with the aim of treating their personal difficulties and preparing them to work as therapists. Resolving their personal issues will enable the therapists to come to the treatment room in a “cleaner” state, so that their own personal problems will not arise during the treatment process or interfere with it.

The therapists learn to lead the patients to the place that is right for them, enabling them to understand and experience “that place,” as well as knowing when to relax. The aim is to bring the patients to a stage where they can take responsibility for their own lives without any dependency on external factors.

From the start of the process until its formal finish, we are directly involved with the progress of the patients and the students. And we keep in touch after the process ends; we are there for them both personally and professionally.

The Treatment Track consists of two courses:
Therapists’ Course – a 12-month course with weekly classes. The course for the 2010 academic year costs NIS 14,400 (this can be paid in 12 equal payments without interest or linkage).

Advanced Therapists’ Course – a 9-month course with weekly class meetings. The course for the 2010 academic year costs NIS 11,700 (this can be paid in 9 equal payments without interest or linkage).

To arrange a personal meeting with our academic counselor (at no charge), please call 052-881-0866.