Therapists’ Course

Therapists’ Course in the Ahava Raba Method

Ahava Raba House works to promote processes of awareness, health and preservation of ourselves and the world.

The Language of Ahava Raba is a highly powerful tool for communication with the unconscious, enabling in-depth observation and treatment of the human soul.

The Therapists’ Course is intended for graduates of the first three basic courses, after a categorization process.

Graduates of the first-year Therapists’ Course undergo training for basic treatment on the first level of Ahava Raba. It is possible to continue studying and receive additional training to treat cases that require higher energetic levels.

Course Structure:
Part 1 – 6 months 
• Loving the World – treatment techniques
• The Tree of Life 1 – diagnostic technologies for the human energetic essence.  Study of the body/soul connection
• Introduction to anatomy, physiology and pathology
• Studying the construction of the treatment process
• Final exam

Part 2 – 6 months
• Ahava Raba 1 – Education and Apprenticeship: Foundations 6, 7, 8
• The Sword of Light 1 – Education and Apprenticeship: Foundations 9, 10
• Jewish Energies 1 – Education and Apprenticeship: Foundations 11-16
• Final exam

The content of the course is liable to change, according to the group’s needs or to changes that occur in various aspects of Ahava Raba.

Additional remarks
In the framework of the course, and as a condition for receiving a certificate as a Therapist in the Ahava Raba Method, the students themselves experience a process of individual therapy. As noted, the resolution of personal issues will allow therapists to come into the treatment room in a “cleaner” state, so that their own personal problems will not arise during the treatment or interfere with it. Each student’s individual therapy process will take place in the framework of group experience, and it includes presenting follow-up reports to Sam after the treatment so that the students will learn how to give treatment.

The course includes group dynamics processes and ends with an internship consisting of working with 10 patients with close guidance and a final project.

Class meetings will be held once a week.