The SHELI Course for Organizations

SHELI – a language of practical awareness that incorporates a model of staff development, moving from the individual to the organization at large – is based on the Ahava Raba Method. It is meant to provide a response for various types of organizations that need an applicable and user-friendly tool that does not require lifestyle changes.

This language gives its users a practical tool for improving individual and professional skills: to diagnose, to focus, to make decisions, and to improve leadership abilities and assertiveness.

Ahava Raba House’s SHELI facilitates continuing and independent individual improvement as well as improving the organizational culture, and is based on the values of responsibility and personal example. From the moment of learning the “language” and applying it (to the extent that each person chooses for himself), it becomes an indivisible component of daily conduct.

SHELI has a ripple effect and contributes to harmony and understanding among ever-expanding groups of people.

SHELI for Organizations
In 2008, Ahava Raba House and the Arison Group began an innovative partnership with the aim of extending the Ahava Raba Method’s activity from the individual to the organizational level.

The Objectives of SHELI
• Developing and strengthening the organization’s spirit
• Empowering individuals in the organization, personally and professionally
• Creating an awareness and energy common denominator
• Creating a source of inner strength for organizational movement and motivation

The Working Process
• Preliminary organizational analysis performed by Ahava Raba House’s project manager
• Presentation of recommended plan of action (Down-Up/Top-Down/Concurrent applied technique, pace of work, size of the groups, distribution, etc.)
• Go/No go
• Identification of an organizational referent for the assimilation of SHELI in the organization
• Building of study and assimilation groups
• Performance of quarterly surveys (before and after) to evaluate the progress toward the project’s goals from the following aspects:
o Creating organizational communication that is transparent and consistent
o Bridging professional and personal gaps, including those relating to fields of expertise
o Providing applicable tools for coping with intra-organizational conflicts
o Improving the workers’ quality of life, as individuals and as figures of importance to the organization

SHELI for Management
Join the dozens of executives who have already done this and get the tools you need to be memorable managers.

You are the people who lead and are being ranked on the road to success. The SHELI Course gives you the tools you need to get there.

Ahava Raba House’s SHELI Course was developed so that you, as managers, can realize your potential as trailblazers.

The Aims of the Course
• Setting objectives for the organization and realizing them

• Maximizing successes and minimizing failures in the organization

• Receiving tools for the best understanding of the organizational environment

• Maximizing the workers’ potential, developing their creativity and feeling of belonging to the organization

• Setting boundaries

• Getting rid of “energy drains”

• Acquiring tools for managing a team considerately yet assertively

• Learning leadership

• Writing a vision and implementing it