About Sam Levi-Aur, the developer of the Ahava Raba Method

Born in Petah Tikva, Israel – a member of his family’s 14th generation to be born in the Land of Israel.

I set out on my path, it so happens, in the fields of mathematics and computer sciences, as well as musicology. Until 1992, I taught music and managed the Kawai music schools in Israel. I was working on developing teaching software for special education in cooperation with the Kawai center in Japan. I was a musicologist and computer person.

In 1992, I was diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc in my neck. It is known that the higher the affected disc is on the spine, the more serious the damage it is liable to cause. Damage to a cervical disc is liable to cause paraplegia, or paralysis in all four limbs. 

My level of functioning, especially walking, declined to almost nothing. I was on the operating table within a week. Later, it emerged that the operation was not successful and that I would have to undergo further surgery or find relief in other ways. I went into the first operation not knowing what to expect, but the second time I already knew and so I tried to find alternative solutions.

The biggest breaking point, of course, resulted from the physical elements and their accompanying emotional aspects. Not from the standpoint of changing professions and embarking on a new path, but rather from the standpoint of being an athlete, a basketball player, a young guy who is all set to conquer the world and then, out of the blue, finds himself in a situation where he has trouble walking and is shuffling his feet. That was the breaking point and that was the trigger for the future that followed, almost for lack of any other choice. I knew of only one option – to go back for a second operation, whose results I could already predict.

Among my music students in those days was someone who was engaged in various aspects of alternative medicine. At that time, alternative treatment was not part of my lexicon, not part of my artistic world, and I finally came to her for treatment only after a lot of persuasion.

I never went for the second operation.

I saw that the treatment was working and naturally I was pleased. But it also made me curious about how it worked. I studied various sorts of channeled healing, Reiki, mysticism, B.A.T., Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and the Seichem in Britain and the United States. All of it was wonderful, except that I didn’t get any answers.

How does it work? Why does it work? How can results be replicated? And is healing a concept just because someone has certain powers that are unique only to him or her?

During the first stage, I realized that mysticism does not have to remain mystical and I carried out my own research that enabled me to explain it by rational means.

I managed to identify and create a certain set of laws, which could explain by one means or another both the energetic dimension and its connection to the human soul.

I developed processes to understand the human soul and I arranged them in mathematical equations. And even if these equations do not fully explain the soul, at least give us foresight.

Today, the Ahava Raba Method that I developed in the wake of this research can also provide energy tools as a treatment response and at the same time reveal the human soul in a simple, effective, quick and non-threatening way.