SHELI Course for the Educational System

Since most of a child’s personality is formed during his or her early years, that is exactly the time to start planting the seeds of the future. Indeed, the most effective change begins at the root.

The SHELI Course for the Educational System serves a dual purpose:

On the one hand, it provides tools for strengthening a child’s soul and supports him during the process of integrating with the world as a better person.

On the other hand, the Language of Ahava Raba (see also How does it work?) provides teachers with a practical tool for better personal conduct. They will better understand their individual position as teachers within a system that aspires to better communication, to calmness and to conduct that comes from a “truer” place.

The Aims of the Course
• The SHELI Course for the Educational System is meant to give you, the teachers, as path markers and as educators, the tools that will enable you to endow children with a more stable backbone through channeling energies that you will transfer. The energy frequencies and how to use them are learned during the course.

• You will be able to instill in children calmness and patience, love and acceptance of themselves and others, and to help them develop into more relaxed, patient and tolerant people.

• You will be able to create a “holistic climate” around you, which will allow each child to express himself and to realize the individual potential within him.

• You will be able to create a school day that will be fruitful and full of life, so that when it ends, both you and the children will be relaxed, alert, attentive, respectful and less violent.

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