Therapists’ Profiles – 1

Ronit Sinai

From “Hassidic Stories”:
A short while before his death, Rabbi Zusya of Anapoli turned to his students and said: “When they call me to heavenly judgment, I will not be asked, ‘Why were you not like our patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?’ I could never have reached their lofty heights.

“I will be asked, ‘Zusya! Why were you not like you, yourself? You could have been a perfect Zusya!’”

Professional Profile
Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
Master’s degree in Language Education and Mass Communications
Master Reiki teacher
Touch Therapy – Reidman College, Israel
Kabbalah Studies – the Kabbalah Campus
Judaism Studies

Personal Profile
I came to Ahava Raba toward the end of 2001. This was after a long and continuous search for something … it was not clear to me what that something was. I felt that my life was both straight and crooked; on the surface, everything was good but in fact, nothing was working as it should have.

Even then, the idea that a person is responsible for her own life was clear to me; intuitively, I understood that everything that happens to me in life (physically and emotionally) is actually the result of my actions. But the distance between that understanding and my ability to make the change was very wide, so I started my search until I reached Ahava Raba House. And … it was love at first sight.

I felt like I had come home and back then, I didn’t know yet that this encounter would lead me to be a therapist and counselor at Ahava Raba House. But looking back, I can say with certainty that my life journey led me to become a therapist.

The Ahava Raba Method taught me to look closely into my life, to understand the meaning of free choice to be true to myself while taking responsibility for my actions, and to understand that at any stage, I could change my choices.

I learned to correctly assess my powers and not to waste myself on nonsense. And, perhaps most important of all, I learned to love myself anew.

It seems to me that in the first part of my professional life, in my work with children, I enabled each one of them to tread their own path for themselves, with a sense of fulfillment and without comparing themselves to others.

In my work as a therapist for adults, the patient and I together peel away the defensive shells that enwrap his life. Together we extract the lost sparks, clean and polish them so they will illuminate his return to the path. To live his life to the fullest.