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Recommendations for the Ahava Raba Method

Dr. Yael Katz Levy
After she underwent surgery on her hand and still had not seen significant improvement, Dr. Katz Levy came for treatment by the Ahava Raba Method.

Despite her initial doubts about the Ahava Raba Method, the results proved that it works and her hands recovered after several months of treatment.

Dr. Gil Segal
A doctor who referred many of his patients for treatment with the Ahava Raba Method, he saw improvement in their condition by any objective and subjective measure.

I am familiar with the Ahava Raba Method as a patient, a student and a therapist, as well as from many reports from patients who were treated by it. In addition, I collected many statistics on the results of treatment by the Ahava Raba Method, both as part of a clinical trial at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, of which I was the initiator and coordinator, and as an effective means of proof in a High Court of Justice suit I submitted against the Defense Ministry’s Rehabilitation Division.

Hava Launer
After coming to Ahava Raba as part of a study on cataracts, Hava tells about how the condition was treated. In the wake of the treatment, she experienced a number of “illuminations” that made an impression on her life.